Dolls' House


I came all the way
from my old town
just to shake your hand
day after day, for many years
I've been preparing this moment:
dressing my dolls, drawing blue skies,
singing songs about love.
Day after day, for many years,
I've been writing my story.


Dolls and dresses
make-up and heals
cute boys, wrong men
kisses and fears


But your hand is cold
your words controlled
and my dolls' house just broke
now you're a stranger 
and I feel in danger
bring me back to my senses
Where is your tie?
Where is my tale?
I've been learning a lie.
You're just a stranger and I am in danger:
I don't know who you are.


Dolls and dresses
make up and heals
cute boys, wrong men
kisses and fears 


Break the walls
Build a new Home.